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  • CONCRETE Store
  • Prinsestraat 4-A/B
  • 2513 CD Den Haag
  • The Netherlands

About this store

Concrete Store Prinsestraat is the recently opened upgraded version original concept of Concrete. The store combines sneakers, clothing, design toys and music, but mainly focusses on footwear.

The interior is a mix of a garden (with a gazebo and an indoor pond) and a gymnasium complete with climbing frames. The design is inspired by the Tiny house movement. Tiny Houses come in all shapes, sizes and forms but they focus on smaller spaces and simplified living. People are joining this movement for many reasons, but the most popular reasons are because of environmental concerns, financial concerns and seeking more time and freedom.

Concrete gives leading as well as smaller brands the opportunity to bring their collections to the public.

Openings hours

  • MonClosed
  • Tue11.00 — 18.00
  • Wed11.00 — 18.00
  • Thu11.00 — 20.00
  • Fri11.00 — 18.00
  • Sat11.00 — 18.00
  • Sun12.00 — 17.00
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  • CONCRETE Store
  • Papestraat 17
  • 2513 AV Den Haag
  • The Netherlands

About this store

Concrete Store Papestraat The Hague is a multidisciplinary store that links product, new design, art and technology together with lifestyle. The idea is to connect todays urgent circumstances with the sale of life style products because lifestyle products often find their origin in in daily life and are from and for everyone.

Concrete Store connects fashion and accessories with sustainability. By using durable materials throughout the interior it wants to put forward concepts that can lead to sustainability. The store is a place where architecture, art and graphic design meet and inspire the visitors.

The design inspired by the Open Structures system by Thomas Lommee. This Open Structures system is unique because all the parts of the design can be re used to create new designs. The interior design is therefor flexible and can change and become something new. The Open Structures System is based on the Open Source idea. This is a huge database where sustainable ideas, designs and knowledge are shared and can be used by everyone. Concrete gives small brands and leading designers the opportunity to bring their collections to the public.

Every brand has its philosophy which is visible in every product.

Openings hours

  • MonClosed
  • TueClosed
  • Wed11:00 — 18:00
  • Thu11:00 — 19:00
  • Fri11:00 — 18:00
  • Sat11:00 — 18:00
  • Sun13:00 — 17:30
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  • CONCRETE Store
  • Spuistraat 250
  • 1012 VW Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands

About this store

The Concrete Store in Amsterdam is a multi-discipline showroom that combines product, design, art and technology reflecting lifestyle, it consists of two main areas, the shop floor and the gallery where exhibitions are held regularly incorporating local as well as internationally known artists. The gallery is also used for special events such as the launch of brands and new releases from companies such as Nike, G-shock and KidRobot. The showroom itself is a place where architecture, art and fashion combine to greet and inspire clients on entering.

The simplicity of the store exudes quality, creativity and offers a diversity of products ranging from sneakers to designer toys and high end fashion.

Openings hours

  • Mon12:00 — 19:00
  • Tue12:00 — 19:00
  • Wed12:00 — 19:00
  • Thu12:00 — 21:00
  • Fri12:00 — 19:00
  • Sat12:00 — 19:00
  • Sun13:00 — 18:00