Duran Lantink | Concrete Kid Now LVMH Prize Finalist

Concrete Store is in happy spirits by the announcement that our home town friend, former colleague and Concrete collab magician, Duran Lantink has become finalist in the LVMH Prize, one of the most coveted fashion awards for emerging designers. The other finalists for the LVMH 2024 prize are Niccolò Pasqualetti, Paolo Carzana, Aubero (Julian Louie), Hodakova, Marie Adam-Leenaerdt, Pauline Dujancourt and Standing Grond (Michael Stewart). The winner will be announced in September, Go Duran!

Over last couple years Duran Lantink has created a name for himself. At the moment his voice can not be ignored in the current discussions regarding the responsibility, sustainability and future of fashion. Besides his unique take on  contemporary culture and society, his work is aesthetically mindbogglingly good.

Duran Lantink operates at the intersection of art and fashion and is known for his unique vision of sustainability. He creates exciting, sustainable collections from remnants from the fashion industry, processing leftover materials and unsold garments from luxury brands into new innovative designs. Characteristic for his work is the use of eclectic collage techniques, clashing contrasts and his sense of urgent social themes.

Duran Lantink has created incredible collections for Concrete Store by accessing our stock archive. Must see!


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