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A short-sleeved T-shirt with rubber-printed cover art inspired by the New York-based heavy metal band ANTHRAX. The body is original cotton jersey. One wash.

Anthrax's ode to Judge Dredd, "I Am The Law," is a cherished moment in metal's connection to comics. The bond between these two worlds has been strong for years, but this tribute holds a special place for us as longtime fans of Judge Dredd.
Guitarist Scott Ian's journey into the world of Mega-City One began during a visit to London in '86 while promoting Anthrax's album "Spreading The Disease." Stepping into Forbidden Planet, he was instantly drawn to Judge Dredd's captivating artwork and undeniable coolness. From that moment, Scott was hooked.

His quest for 2000 AD comics continued back home in the US, where finding them proved challenging. Yet, Scott's determination led him to persuade comic shops, even in New York City, to stock the elusive series. Despite the extra cost, he was willing to pay to get his fix on Judge Dredd's adventures.

"I Am The Law" became Anthrax's homage to the iconic character. This fitting tribute resonates with fans of both metal and comics. It reminds us of the enduring connection between different worlds and their impact on each other.

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Colour: Black
Material: 100% Cotton
Article: 232PCNH-ST03S
Washing instructions: 30℃

Made in Japan


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