Walter Van Beirendonck x Concrete 25Y 'Forever' Necklace


Happy memories come from happy relationships and healthy memories from healthy ones. Concrete Store is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is happier and healthier than ever. Being and staying independent has given us the opportunities to create and develop our own personal relationships over the years. Connecting with our featured designers, our loyal shoppers, our creative environment, and our natural ones. Walter van Beirendonck has been there with us from the get-go, has never ceased to amaze us and keeps inspiring us to invest in all true forms of earthly beauty. To commemorate our journey, Walter has created a neckpiece, now on sale in limited quantity.

Thank you Walter, thank you all of you crazy people, thank you earth!

Love, Concrete

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Colour: Multi 
Article: XXX
Material: 100% Cotton Fabric + Glass Beads + Artificial stone + 100% Woollen Felt + 100% Polyester padding + 100% Plastic Bead + Plastic Ball

Made in India


12 x 10 cm

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