Medicom Toy Be@rbrick Yuki Ogura Much In Love 400% + 100%


Be@rbrick Yuki Ogura Much In Love 400% + 100%

Yuuki Ogura is a female artist and painter from Japan.

She moved to the United States in 2000 and attended Parsons University in New York to study fashion design. After completing her studies, she interned at the ANNA SUI showroom. Subsequently, in 2007, she returned to Japan and worked as a freelance designer/stylist.

While pursuing her career as a freelancer and creating costumes, Yuuki Ogura also had the opportunity to study under the guidance of Mikio from Maxsix. In 2009, she established Yuukster Company Limited and started her line YUUKIOGURA with the concept of "dark and beautiful."

In recognition of her talent and creativity, Yuuki Ogura was awarded the Grand Prize in the Professional category at the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Event 2014. However, her own brand was later dissolved in 2016.

Currently, Yuuki Ogura is the Branding Director and a founding member of a prominent fashion exhibition. She is actively involved in various activities, including writing, and she continues to make her mark in the fashion industry, including this remarkable BE@RBRICK. Ren, her baby girl greyhound, is featured in the middle of the design.

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Colour: Multi
Material: PVC Plastic

Made in China


Height: 280mm + 70mm

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