Be@rbrick S’YTE × Junji Ito Tomie 1000%

Witness a spectacular collaboration between BE@RBRICK and the renowned horror manga artist Junji Ito, whose passionate fan base spans the globe.
Medicom Toy Be@rbrick presents an awe-inspiring amalgamation of masterpieces from "Junji Ito Art Book: The Other World" and iconic scenes from "Tomie." On its body, a captivating full-length coat dress boasts lace-up details reminiscent of a bustier from the "Yohji Yamamoto" 2020-21 Fall/Winter collection. Accompanying it is a rococo-style riveted chair, famously depicted in "Painter," with Tomie gracefully seated.

Tomie's enchanting allure and exquisite proportions blend seamlessly with the elegant nobility of Yohji Yamamoto's designs. The arresting image of Tomie firmly grasping her detached hair embodies the birth of a new masterpiece in art.
The collaboration's unique logo features Tomie's beautiful eyes adorned with a symbolic mole, serving as an iconic symbol of this extraordinary union.

Needles to say, all sales are final.

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Colour: Multi
Material: PVC Plastic

Made in China


Height: 700mm

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