Self ControlNeighborhood's Latest Accessories

Founded in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1994 by Shinsuke Takizawa, Neighborhood’s origins lie in its founder’s fascination with American motorcycle subculture. Over time the aesthetic references of the brand have increased to include British counterculture, military, workwear, Native American design and outdoor themes. The brand takes pride in crafting luxury products, utilizing technical design and premium construction. Neighborhood played a big part in what is now known as the 'Ura-Hara' movement, Shinsuke Takizawa is currently one of the most influential street-wear figures in Japan.

Although Concrete has been following and retailing Neighborhood’s collections for nearly 20 years, we continue to be surprised by every new drop. This time you can dig into a collection of busy people's accessories as well as a ceramic incense chamber featuring a 24 karat gold plated skull. Tempting.

At times, in particular current ones, we are forced to exert various levels of self-control. Navigating the areas between self-protection and self-deprivation. Self-control is among the most difficult of cognitive processes to understand, and also to study. Most of us have a strong intuition about what self-control is, but it is nonetheless difficult to define rigorously enough to study in the laboratory. The field is characterized not only by the standard empirical debates, but also by elementary definitional debates about what is and is not self-control, and whether it is a single thing or multiple distinct things. These issues, difficult enough to approach in human studies, loom even larger in animal studies, where we cannot directly talk to our subjects.

A study by Beran and Hopkins, reported in a 2018 issue of Current Biology, makes a great stride by linking self-control to general intelligence in chimpanzees. Peek into some of the data here. In certain specific cases however, things are as clear as day. Check the primate in Neighborhood's incense chamber, ... total ... self .... control.

 Neighborhood 'BOOZE / CL-INCENSE CHAMBER'Neighborhood 'BOOZE / CL-INCENSE CHAMBER'Neighborhood 'BOOZE / CL-INCENSE CHAMBER'  Neighborhood 'Doller / P-Pouch Black'Neighborhood 'Doller / P-Pouch Black'  Neighborhood 'B.D. W-HAT Beige'Neighborhood 'B.D. W-HAT Beige'Neighborhood 'B.D. W-HAT Black'  Neighborhood 'G.R. CL-SNEAKER Black'Neighborhood 'G.R. CL-SNEAKER Black'  Neighborhood 'CL. Strap / N-UFD USB DRIVE Black'Neighborhood 'CL. Strap / N-UFD USB DRIVE Black'  Neighborhood 'Guardian-2 / N-MASK Beige'Neighborhood 'Guardian-2 / N-MASK Black'Neighborhood 'Guardian / PE-STRAP Black'Neighborhood 'Guardian / PE-STRAP Black'  Neighborhood 'Doller / P-LUGGAGE Tote Bag'Neighborhood 'Doller / P-LUGGAGE Tote Bag'