Woman Life Freedom Project is PAIRI DAEZA’s scarf collection in collaboration with twelve Iranian artists from all over the world: Ardeshir Tabrizi, Arghavan Khosravi, Hana Shahnavaz, Hanieh Ghashghaei, Mahboubeh Absalan, Maryam Keyhani, Maryam Sefati, Mona Danesh, Rahiilzz, Sara Emami, Tala Madani and Yasaman Rezaee.

Each artist has created a unique design, incorporating messages related to the current revolution in Iran, with the hope that these messages would travel through places and keep alive the conversation about this women-led revolution.

All profit from sales of the scarves will go to the Abdorrahman Boroumand Center (www.iranrights.org) to support the movement in Iran.

Rahil Moradi
AKA Rahiilzz is an Iranian designer based in Budapest, Hungary. Born in 1995, she started her creative career back in 2017 when she was in Iran. She studied architecture in her motherland and graphic design in Budapest, where she currently lives and works. “my illustrations tell those unspoken emotions that we carry throughout our day-to-day lives. Growing up in Iran, the insecurities that women in the community I was raised in experience, shaped my sensitive vision to give a new life to the women’s secret wonderland, an individual imaginary world of fantasy all of us deserve” she says.

Rahil Moradi Statement:
The artwork is illustrated based on a photo taken during the first days of the WOMEN'S LIFE FREEDOM revolution, which shows a group of young women dancing together in my hometown in Iran, where I grew up. I, like most others, had to run from the Islamic regime’s morality police and Basijis in the exact same location in the photo many times. To dance together like this at the city centre without vail was a dream of mine and my girlfriends in our teenage years; a dream which today these young women are making into reality by risking their dear lives. To illustrate these historical moments and amplify their bravery, artwork has been named  “Her Dance is Rebellion”.


The label’s moniker, PAIRI DAEZA, means ‘walled garden’ in ancient Persian. Persian gardens are so exceptional that the term ‘Pairi Daeza’ became a loanword and shaped the concept of godly paradise in many languages. Centred on versatile, avant-garde pieces imbued with symbolism, the brand’s wardrobe fuses European fabrics, modern cuts and ancestral Persian artisanal techniques, lovingly crafted on the wings of diversity, self-expression, freedom, inclusivity and sustainability.

Behind the brand stand two Iranian sisters looking to change the image of Iran and reclaim the country’s endangered heritage for a new future. Made in Italy, where the sisters are now based, but fueled by dreams of ancient Persia, the label’s collections are produced in collaboration with small, marginalised communities of artisans living in Iran. 

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Colour: Multi
Article: Rahil Moradi
Material: 100% Viscose Satin

Made in Italy


65 x 65 cm

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