Suit up for your next show in this statement piece - the Medicom Toy x AMPLIFIER Hide T-Shirt! Featuring a portrait of the artist 'HIDE'.

The music industry has always been about creating and preserving sound, but it's also about something more profound - the legacy of music history. This is precisely what "Amplifier" is all about. This initiative is driven by a desire to pass on Japan's rich musical heritage to future generations.

One individual who played an essential role in this heritage was Hideto Matsumoto. Known professionally as HIDE, he was a highly respected Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer. He gained global recognition as the lead guitarist for the rock band X Japan from 1987 to 1997 and as a solo artist from 1993 onwards.
While he was primarily known for his musical talents, HIDE also had a passion for design. The guitar in the photo is a testament to this. He personally designed and painted it, and the unique pattern featured on it also appears on the BE@RBRICK "Psychedelic Paisley". It's a testament to his creativity and ability to express himself in various mediums.

Sadly, Hideto Matsumoto passed away in May 1998, leaving behind a rich legacy of music and design. However, through initiatives like "Amplifier", his memory and contributions to Japan's music history will continue to be celebrated and remembered for generations.

Produced by Hirakawa Rentaro
photo by Hideo Canno (CAPS)

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Colour: Black
Material: 100% Cotton

Made in Japan


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