Jasper van der Graaf - Untitled
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    • Jasper van der Graaf - Untitled

    • €600

    • Artist: Jasper van der Graaf
      Title: Untitled
      Year: 2015
      Size: 30 x 25cm 
      Technique: Acrylic and oil on canvas

      Born in 1975 in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, Netherlands, fine arts. Jasper van der Graaf makes paintings and wall paintings. He uses source material in a proces of digital collage and begins with no preconceived idea of the final result. The designs take shape, crystallize, through a proces of personal or internal logic. When the design is finished, the work is executed as a wall painting or painting on canvas. The paintings are a complex interplay between physical surface, form and colour. Each work develops within its own parameters (spacial context, working method, chance and artistic choice). Van der Graaf’s main motivation is to give the spectator a sense of wonder, as the work arises from his own wondering about complexity. Van der Graaf’s work is shown in artist’s initiatives, art spaces and musea in the Netherlands and abroad.


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