Iemke van Dijk - Untitled
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    • Iemke van Dijk - Untitled

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    • Artist: Iemke van Dijk
      Title: Untitled
      Year: 2016
      Size: 53 x 36.5cm in frame 62 x 46cm; museum glass
      Technique: Drawing, graphite on paper

      For the last five years, Iemke's work has focussed on wall drawings where circle overlap, bounce and float freely of their own will. This suggests a natural process where the artist is revealing rather than making. Her preferred subject and format is the sphere rather than the traditional grid or rectangle, showing an infinity for the geometric structures of nature. Past works includes standard sheets of paper where pieces of the edges have been systematically torn away at measured intervals with the rest of the area being left alone. It seems like a small yet disciplined bug has eaten the pieces of the paper and then has moved on its way. Speres and discs of various materials also got the same tratment, sometimes torn, delicately cut, stained or even burned with a match. By embracing this subtly destructive method, Iemke is allowing for a particular kind of beauty to peek through.

       John Tallman

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