Final Home 100% Polyester Jacket Black - Concrete
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    • Final Home 100% Polyester Jacket Black

    • €190

    • Colour: Black
      Article: FH09FA712
      Fabric: 100% Polyester

      FH21006 - FH09FA712

      In 1986, while visiting New York, Tsumura - then stylist at Issey Miyake - became fascinated by homeless makeshift shelters and garments. Apparently deeply marked by the pessimistic tone of Blade Runner, Tsumura starts imagining garments for a future where people would live in harsh urban areas without the protection of a roof.

      "When one loses his house, the thing which protects him in the end is cloth".
      "If we lose our house because of a disaster, war or unemployment, as a fashion designer, what kind of clothes would I propose - and how would they look in trouble-free times?"

      Home 1: The first and iconic Final Home piece, a nylon windbreaker with 28 or 44 pockets depending on the length. "Nylon coat came about from me pondering this question. Its concept is 'a cloth which can be adapted according to need'. For example, to protect against the cold, you can put newspapers in the pockets, or if you equip it with survival rations and a medical kit, it becomes a valuable cloth when taking refuge. The name 'FINAL HOME' was first given to this particular garment, and then it became the brand name — it equates to the idea of it being the 'ultimate shelter'."


      Size: S
      Back length (cm) 71
      Chest (cm) 116
      Hip (cm) 106
      Sleeve length incl. Shoulder (cm) 75



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