Guido Winkler - Wallwork 2017
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    Guido Winkler - Wallwork 2017 Guido Winkler - Wallwork 2017 Guido Winkler - Wallwork 2017
    • Guido Winkler - Wallwork 2017

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    • Wallwork 2017
      Size 270 cm x 980 cm (two L-shaped walls)
      Price on request


      “All I do starts with a sense of wonder about the difference between physical and visual space. It is about reality and perception, interpretation and misinterpretation, about knowledge and the lack of it.

      It deals with space, place, placement, standpoint, scale, structure, composition, form color, light, matter, movement, rhythm, time, assumption, conscience, knowledge, awareness, attentiveness, deduction, introspection, all rhat includes and defines perception.

      - Guido Winkler

      Artists are invited to challenge their own practice and to rethink their working methods by creating a site-specific a work. Concrete Store functions as a test lab. It’s dimensions proposes questions as to the nature of space, exterior or interior, architecture or sculpture become relative notions. Furthermore this intiative is designed to bring together art with lifestyle. Finding its  origin in daily life, art is from and for every one.

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