Akomplice x Synchrodogs Strange LS T-Shirt Black


Synchrodogs’ work explores the everlasting tension between man and nature, with images of raw, animalistic beauty, which also manage to come across as awkwardly sophisticated. Discovering how far people managed to intrude into the territories that were meant to be wild, the duo works together in an intimate synchronized choreography, sharing the same aesthetic and ideas acquired through a self-made meditation technique that takes place on the verge between wakefulness and sleep.

Observing the new ways the Earth begins to look like as a result of human interventions into the environmental processes, their work balances between the real and imagined, drawing the viewer into an unconscious, wild and dream-like world, aiming to inspire people to live a decent life full of respect and responsibility for Planet Earth.

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Colour: Black
Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Made in the USA


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