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Freddy Tratlehner and Perre van den Brink, two long-time friends from Amsterdam-Noord, dreamt of a high quality menswear label that uses the best fabrics and is distributed worldwide.

TRATLEHNER is the realization of that dream. Prior to working together, both shaped their own career path. Freddy Tratlehner, a Rietveld art-school graduate, became one of the members of the Netherlands’ most important hip-hop & electronic live-act, ‘De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig’. Perre van den Brink’s journey went from being a nightlife promoter, to running a fashion magazine, to marketing internationally acclaimed fashion brands, to heading the content- and creative department at the world's leading youth media company VICE.

  • TRATLEHNER T-Lux T-Shirt Navy/Blazer
    TRATLEHNER T-Lux T-Shirt Navy/Blazer
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  • TRATLEHNER K02 Sweater Black/White
    TRATLEHNER K02 Sweater Black/White
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