Yohji YamamotoAdidas Y-3 Footwear Collection

Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas began Y-3 in 2003, a collaboration that, when looking back, was and remains way ahead of its time. Long before designers like Raf Simons and Rick Owens worked with adidas, and long long before Kanye West started playing around with Yeezy, there was Y-3. Yamamoto and Adidas defined the current standard of fashion and sportswear.

Concrete has been stocking Adidas Y-3 footwear collections for quite a while. We currently offer a great selection of both new and classic models. 

"Fashion had become so boring. I felt I had come too far from the street. I couldn't find people wearing my clothes anymore and I felt so lonely. At the time, New York businessmen were starting to walk to work in their suits and sneakers. I found this strange mix incredibly charming, a fascinating hybrid."

– Yohji Yamamoto in a 2016 interview with i-D magazine


Adidas Y-3 'FYW S-97 II'

Adidas Y-3 'FYW S-97 II'Adidas Y-3 'Shiku RunAdidas Y-3 'Yohji Pro'Adidas Y-3 'Yuben Mid'Adidas Y-3 'Kaiwa'Adidas Y-3 'Kyoi Trail'Adidas Y-3 'Kasabaru'Adidas Y-3 'Kaiwa Knit'Adidas Y3 'BYW BBALL'Adidas Y-3 'Adizero'Adida Y3 'Hokori'Adidas Y-3 'Kaiwa Knit'Adidas Y-3 'Tangutsu'Adidas Y-3 'Raito Racer'Adidas Y-3 'Kaiwa Silver'Adidas Y-3 'Bashyo Core'Adidas Y-3 'Ren Footwear'Adidas Y-3 'Raito Racer'Adida Y3 'BYW BBALL'Adidas Y-3 'Adizero'Adidas Y-3 'Kaiwa'Adidas Y-3 'Ekika'Adidas Y-3 'Shell Boxing High'Adidas Y-3 'Kozoko High'Adidas Y-3 'W Elle Run'Adidas Y-3 'Ryo High'Adidas Y-3 'W Sukui'Adidas Y-3 'Kurari'Adidas Y-3 'Pureboost'Adidas Y-3 'Saikou'Adidas Y-3 'Qasa Boot'Adidas Y-3  'W Zazu'Adidas Y-3 'Qasa Elle Lace Detaop'Adidas Y-3 'Ayero'Adidas Y-3 'Kozoko Low'Adidas Y-3 'Kusari'Adidas Y-3 'Saikou'Adidas Y-3 'Qasa Elle Lace'Adidas Y-3 'QR Run'Adidas Y-3 'Harigane'Adidas Y-3 'W Y Heel Zip'Adidas Y-3 'Shimu Boost'Adidas Y-3 'NOCI 0003'Adidas Y-3 'XRAY Zip Low'Adidas Y-3 'Kasabaru'Adidas Y-3 'Kyujo Low'Adidas Y-3 'Suberou'Adidas Y-3 'W Elle Run'Adidas Y-3 'Superknot'


Adidas Y-3 Footwear
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