White Mountaineering | Manaslu

Concrete Store presents "Manuslu", White Mountaineering Autumn / Winter 2023. The collection is inspired by designer Yosuke Aizawa's commutes between his mountain cottage and his atelier in Tokyo as well as the Nepalese mountain "Manaslu". A wilderness and metropolis fusing ensemble of weather-smart materials, functional layering in hues of earth, forest and rock. In-store now, online soon.

“While going through the pandemic, I was spending more time in the mountain cottage far away from the city rather than in my atelier in Tokyo. There I devoted myself to the books by Eliot Porter and Naoki Ishikawa, which made me realize the beauty of the mountains transforming its appearance. This awakening led to the various original textiles in deep colors or with the botanical patterns in this collection. My two different lifestyles—in the mountains and in the city—have inspired this collection. We’ve been using a lot of high-tech, multi-functional fabrics with low-tech ones. Transitioning is key.”

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White Mountaineering 'Windstopper Balmacaan Coat' – Brown  White Mountaineering 'Windstopper Jacquard Coach Jacket' – Charoal  White Mountaineering 'Wool Bell Hat' – Black  White Mountaineering '1-Tuck Wide Tapered Pants' – Black  White Mountaineering 'Carabiner' – Orange  White Mountaineering x Gramicci 'Tapered Pants' – Brown  White Mountaineering 'Windstopper Luggage Mountain Parka' – Black  White Mountaineering 'Wool Beanie' – Orange  White Mountaineering 'Windstopper Lined Padded Vest' – Brown  White Mountaineering 'Lined Flannel Coverall' – Brown  White Mountaineering 'Stretch 2-Tuck Pants' – Black  White Mountaineering 'Wool Beanie' – Black

Shop: White Mountaineering

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