The Anatomy Of A Collection PieceA Duran Lantink Favorite

As the new Duran Lantink x Concrete Store collection is online and instore, we decided to tell the tale of one of the collections pieces. Duran Lantink is known for his new approach to fashion and fashion retail by taking unsold garments from luxury brands and upcycling them into new sustainable collections. For his second collection for Concrete Store he created another incredible remix featuring his characteristic eclectic collage techniques, resulting into an accumulation of the original garments' juxtaposing voices and histories.

"I can not always rationally explain what makes me drawn towards specific creations. This piece has a certain voluminous proportions which I find exciting."

To break down the anatomy of one of the collection pieces, the Puffer Dress jacket (a favorite of both Duran and the writer) we created the figures below:

The Anatomy of the Duran Lantink x Concrete Store 'Puffer Dress Jacket'<br>'A: Front' – Christopher Raeburn Recycled Quilted Field Jacket _ 'B: Sleeves/Back' – Adidas Originals DLX Superstar Jacket _ 'C: Bottom' – Museum of Friendship Drawstrip Skirt <!--[A: Front ––,16,25,][–– B: Back/Sleeves,86,25,][–– C: Bottom ––,50,68,]-->

Christopher Raeburn 'Recycled Quilted Field Jacket'<br> 'Year': 2017 – 'Material': 100% recycled polyester from Hong Kong – 'Made in': China – 'Brand': Christopher Raeburn is a British fashion designer, known for reworking surplus fabrics and garments to create menswear, womenswear and accessories  Adidas Originals 'DLX Superstar Jacket'<br> 'Year': 2017 – 'Material': 100% Nylon – 'Made in': China – 'Brand': Adidas Originals is a line of casual and sportswear created by German multinational corporation Adidas. The brand has a distinctively retro old school feel  Museum of Friendship 'Drawstrip Skirt'<br> 'Year': 2017 – 'Material': 100% Polyester – 'Made in': China – 'Brand': Museum of Friendship is a London based brand that launched in 2014. It was founded by Tianmo Wang, a Central Saint Martins graduate, who became the second runner up of the LOreal prize

"The items, materials, used for this collection piece kept hanging on the rack, unable to fit any kind of purpose. I doubted if they would ever be used properly. Then something clicked and they took us for a ride"

– Duran Lantink regarding the Puffer Dress jacket


Duran Lantink x Concrete Store