TTSWTRS | Real Life Superheroes

For Spring / Summer 2023 Kiev based brand TTSWTRS explores the necessity of real life superheroes in our world of ever changing idiocy and chaos. Anna Osmekhina activated her full team in order to imagine and shape a group of distinctive superheroes, each with its own set of society shifting traits. The collection features both tight fitting body suits as well as oversized unisex items. Everyone with a spark of eccentricity in its heart or groin is welcome to join the TTSWTRS Universe.

In-store and online soon!


 TTSWTRS 'Sirena Silk Dress' – Blueblack  TTSWTRS 'Sirena Silk Dress' – Blueblack  TTSWTRS 'Zoe Piercing Bodysuit' – Beige  TTSWTRS 'Zoe Piercing Bodysuit' – Beige  TTSWTRS 'Mykola T-Shirt' – Black  TTSWTRS 'Mykola T-Shirt' – Black  TTSWTRS 'Inlover Sweater' – Pink  TTSWTRS 'Inlover Sweater' – Pink  TTSWTRS 'Sirena Overall' – Blueblack  TTSWTRS 'Sirena Overall' – Blueblack  TTSWTRS 'Zoe Shirt' – Multi  TTSWTRS 'Zoe Shirt' – Multi 

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