Strange ThingAll over the place with Ih Nom Uh Nit

IH NOM UH NIT is a luxury lifestyle house established between Paris, FR and Los Angeles, California and literally meaning To Have No Name, IH NOM UH NIT is a design house headed by Chaz Jordan and is a major hit among celebrities and rappers. It's collection take hints from modern-day pop culture printed on contemporary items mixed with luxury materials.

From Pablo Escobar to Stranger Thing's Eleven and onwards to Future's Mask Off and David Bowie; they capture the societies mood in garments but also pay homage to their French roots with its luxurious appliques. The IH NOM UH NIT S/S 2020 collection includes shirts, shorts, trousers, hoodies and jackets, as well as kimonos and robes, utilizing traditional Kanji graphics and patterns such as pink blossom and Japanese Koi Carp.

IH NOM UH NIT 'Tiger Print Jacket' and 'Eleven T-Shirt'  IH NOM UH NIT 'Garden Print Top'  IH NOM UH NIT 'Hendrix Bowl T-Shirt'


IH NOM UH NIT 'Future Archive T-Shirt'IH NOM UH NIT 'Garden Print Bomber'IH NOM UH NIT 'Cherry Blossom Print Shorts'

IH NOM UH NIT 'Embroidered Koi Fish Hoodie'IH NOM UH NIT 'Flowery Print Shorts'IH NOM UH NIT 'Tiger Print Jacket'