Sculpting – A-Cold-Wall* Sunglasses

A-Cold-Wall*, the experimental British brand created by London-based designer Samuel Ross, has teamed up with Italian Sunglasses powerhouse RetroSuperFuture. Inspired by the materiality of architecture, this partnership develops two pieces based upon RetroSuperFuture's Caro collection.

 A-Cold-Wall* presents a duo of heavyweight sunglasses. Carrara, named after the famous Italian marble quarry, as well as Granite are designed to resemble their respective names. Granite features partially uncovered frames to create an impression of work-in-progress, juxtaposed against blue acetate. Both glasses are equipped with 40% nylon blue lenses, which guarantee full protection from UV rays. Also provided are a digitally-printed microfiber cloth for cleaning and a recycled leather case for safe travel and good looks.

A-COLD-WALL* 'Caro Carrara Sunglasses'  A-COLD-WALL* 'Caro Carrara Sunglasses' 

A-COLD-WALL* 'Caro Granite Sunglasses'  A-COLD-WALL* 'Caro Granite Sunglasses'