11/11/2021 – Ruyzdael x DELTA Collection – Launch

Boris Tellegen has been active as DELTA since the 1980's. Starting out bombing sculptural graffiti pieces, he has extended his practices into three-dimensional work on the intersection of architecture, painting, sculpture and installation.

Ruyzdael and DELTA go way back. Together they designed a limited edition capsule collection of t-shirts, sweaters and a 24 page publication based on DELTA's so-called 'workout sessions'. The collection features details from the hundreds of sketches and photographs from DELTA's lengthly freight train project.

Concrete Store is happy to LAUNCH this capsule THURSDAY NOVEMBER 11 2021 at Concrete – SPUISTRAAT 250 AMSTERDAM


Shop: Ruyzdael x DELTA
(available in-store 11/11/2021)


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Shop: Ruyzdael x DELTA