Rebellion CarnavalMarni S/S 2020

Marni is back. Back at Concrete. Back at its eclectic storytelling. Marni’s latest menswear collection offers an eclectic range of clashing textures, irregular proportions and mixing of opposites. Marni created something resembling a harmonious trash society in which formal vagrants can freely roam. Perked up in layers of tailored suits mixed with safari patterns and crude brushstroke illustrations. Topped with totem headpieces consisting of discarded scraps of paper, feathers, plastic, fur, leather and what not.

Marni designer Francesco Risso has its own district visions and practises of sustainability in a fast, primarily consumer driven, industry. Backstage before the show he introduced his latest ventures by proclaiming:

“We’re here, standing under the brutality of this Plastic of Damocles, to celebrate the marriage officiated by MCMagma, a shamanic non-entity which is the spirit of transformation, between Truman Capote and Ernesto Che Guevara. One day, Truman decided to leave his Swans and his life of lost beauty to free himself, joining Guevara in the rebel radicalism of the jungle guerrilla. The dress code is camouflage meets carnival, the marriage being between inventive rebels and ‘50s control freaks, all looking for the Noah’s Ark in a completely corrupted fauve nature. Our nature. So there is rebellion, bur it’s a beautiful rebellion and beauty is also rebellious.”

Marni 'Tie Dye Shirt' Marni 'Green Bottles Polo Neck'
Marni 'Suit Jacket' and 'Trousers'