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For over 10 years, we’ve been buying and selling sustainable fashion. We saw a problem occur that is still a problem today, the world can’t take all the pollution the current “fast-fashion” cycle creates. We started shifting more and more towards brands from all over the world that produce locally with the in mind. These “slow-fashion” brands rupture the cycle and create a sustainable fashion world through upcycling, recycling and just simply being honest. That’s why we’re excited about this collaboration.

Puma x Central Saint Martins 'Cropped Hoodie', 'Short Tight', 'Top' and 'Waist Bag'

Puma x Central Saint Martins 'Future Rider Day Zero'

A collaboration between a solidified entity and the future greats of the fashion industry. PUMA has teamed up with the BA Fashion course at London-based design school Central Saint Martins to explore more sustainable technologies in textile manufacturing, the results of which can be seen in the new PUMA x CSM collection that drops on the 14th of May.

The collection includes a range of footwear, apparel and accessories for both men and women. It implements cutting edge dyeing technologies such as “Dope Dye” and digital printing, which reduce the use of chemicals and water. After being tested in the collection with Central Saint Martins, PUMA will also roll out these technologies in other parts of its product range.

Puma x Central Saint Martins 'RS-X³ Day Zero Black'

Dope dyeing is a process which uses less energy, water and chemicals than conventional wet processing, as one step in the dyeing process is eliminated. Digitally printing logos directly onto fabric also helps reduce waste and chemicals. With these initiatives, PUMA reduced the water consumption in the collection by up to 17.4 percent, depending on the product.

Reducing waste goes beyond the production cycle, which is why PUMA also delved into new ways to make its marketing more sustainable. The campaign images for the collection were digitally sampled, using technology of Dutch digital fashion house, The Fabricant.

Puma x Central Saint Martins 'Hoodie', 'Skirt', 'Short Tight', 'Top' and 'Waist Bag'

Puma x Central Saint Martins 'Ralph Sampson Day Zero'

By using cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative, PUMA also significantly reduces the water use in producing the raw materials for the collection. In 2019, PUMA saved more than 13 billion liters of water by using BCI cotton throughout its product range, which is equivalent to 200 million average showers.

The collection will be available in our stores and online on the 14th of May. We're excited to receive a piece of revolutionary wear that will help the the environment we live in and make the world a better place.



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