Poggy's BoxJapanese Style According To Poggy The Man

Motofumi "Poggy" Kogi, worked his way up the ladder at United Arrows and has become an example of fine street style though social media, defining his own aesthetic in looks and poses. He works together with Japanese artisans and brands such as FDMTL, Kijima Takayuki, Miyagi Hidetaka, The Dog & Co. By starting his own brand Poggy The Man he finds even more ways to communicate his personal fascinations and exhibitionism.

Through his Poggy's Box installations Mr. Kogi provides a platform for small independent Japanese brands to showcase their goods and visions. All brands in Poggy's Box are hand picked by the man himself and represent what he stands for when it comes to style. This time around the treasure chest is full of items which, according to Poggy, embody Japanese style and storytelling. Have a look for yourself and try to figure out what it is that gives a man style. Skeletons? Blossom? Skateboarding rats? Step inside the box. 



Poggy's Box / PoggyTheMan