Nosedive Into DetailAmbush

Ambush designer Yoon Ahn is living a high pace work life, executing numerous collaborations, such as with Disney and Uniqlo, creating jewelry work for Dior menswear, all besides running her own full schedule brand. For her A/W 2020 collection seems to understand that sometimes the only way to enforce your own speed is to deliberately crash your car. The moment you manage to get out of the vehicle you are coerced to mingle with the slow and connect with the detail. Unexpected senses kick in, new details and opportunities present themselves.

The new Ambush collection came to life on the road, driving through the Japanese countryside while visiting specialty suppliers and artisans. If anything it breathes a certain slowness, directing towards comfortable fabrics and a relaxed attitude while keeping it sharp and streamlined. Tweaked tailoring exposes inner linings, raw edge kimonos, double layered jaquard denim, tops made up from contrasting materials, a wrapped MA-1 sleeve-scarf hoodie and a Kimono MA-1 hybrid, the collecting is about reshaping the familiar. Every single piece demands time to appreciate its character and details, demands time to make it your own:

“I was thinking about stuff that would get better the more you wear it. Even if it’s something like simple denim, the beauty is that you wear it over and over again and then it becomes part of your wardrobe and part of you.”

– Yoon Ahn interviewed by Vogue about her A/W 2020 collection

If you got time, do not overlook the range of signature jewelry which appears throughout the collection. The gold bangles, silver rings and lighter holder necklaces are timeless additions to your ever moving wardrobe.

  Ambush 'Kimono Jacket'Ambush 'Kimono Jacket'Ambush 'Wool Nikka Pants'Ambush 'Wool Nikka Pants'  Ambush 'Kimono MA-1 Hybrid Coat'Ambush 'Kimono MA-1 Hybrid Coat'  Ambush 'Denim Hybrid Jacket'Ambush 'Denim Hybrid Jacket'Ambush 'High Neck Knit Top'Ambush 'High Neck Knit Top'  Ambush 'New Waist Pocket T-Shirt'Ambush 'Ambush 'New Waist Pocket T-Shirt'  Ambush 'Double Breasted Slit Jacket'Ambush 'Double Breasted Slit Jacket'Ambush 'High Waist Relaxed Trousers'  Ambush 'Reversible Wool Coat'Ambush 'Reversible Wool Coat'Ambush 'Reversible Wool Coat'  Ambush 'High Waist Relaxed Trousers'Ambush 'High Waist Relaxed Trousers'  Ambush 'Folding Crewneck Knit 2'Ambush 'Folding Crewneck Knit 2'  Ambush 'Mix MA-1 Sleeve Scarf'Ambush 'Mix MA-1 Sleeve Scarf'Ambush 'Mix MA-1 Sleeve Scarf'    Ambush 'Mix T-Shirt'Ambush 'Mix T-Shirt'  Ambush 'Panel Sweatshirt'Ambush 'Panel Sweatshirt'  Ambush 'Mix Quilted Sweatshirt'Ambush 'Mix Quilted Sweatshirt'Ambush 'Mix Quilted Sweatshirt'