Marni | Creating Objects That Nurture With Flaminia Veronesi

Sun is back in Amsterdam, and so is Marni! Its latest drop brings another bright range of strong colors, luxurent materials and hands-on details. For Spring / Summer 2023 Marni designer Francesco Risso teamed up with artist Flaminia Veronesi. About the set-up the designer shares:

“I did not invite Flaminia to just make a couple of drawings to print on a series of disposable hoodies. There’s too much fake creativity around, plastered surreptitiously onto zillions of products. What I want to achieve is an authentic, generative artistic partnership which makes us both grow, and which adds intrinsic value even to the less visually conspicuous items of a collection. All the hyper-branded, status-driven logoed products out there reveal such poverty of thought, it’s an appalling way of depleting our work as creatives of any meaning. I really think that there’s also a desire for quality—quality and integrity in the production of both ideas and of objects. Objects that nurture, where one can feel the touch of the hand, the dedication and discipline that has been put into their creation.” – Francesco in Vogue interview

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 Marni 'Fresco Check Blazer' – Pale Mint  Marni 'Unfinished Edge Roundneck Sweater' – Dawn  Marni 'Pablo Lace Up Sneaker' – Blue  Marni 'Logo T-Shirt' – Pink  Marni 'Tropical Wool Jacket' – Dijon  Marni 'Striped Cable Balaclava' – Cinder Rose  Marni 'Shoulder Bag' – Blublack  Marni 'Long Calf Hair Fussbett Sabot' – Lime Light  Marni 'Tropical Wool Trousers' – Dijon  Marni 'Leather Chelsea Boot' – Black  Marni x Flaminia Veronesi 'Diavoli Habotai Shirt' – Ivory  Marni 'Unfinished Edge Sleeveless Sweater' – Black  Marni 'Sponge Bucket Hat' – Royal  Marni x Carhartt 'Logo T-Shirt' – Stone Green  Marni 'Tropical Wool Jacket' – Dijon  Marni 'Long Calf Hair Fussbett Sabot' – Beige 

Shop: Marni

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