Marni | Summer Slapping Perfection – instore

In recent years, Marni has become a Concrete Store favorite from its infamous mohair sweaters to its immaculately crafted high quality formal funwear. Marni Spring/Summer 2024 is instore at Concrete and is both materialy and colorfully seductive. The collection is accentric in its details and pure sex in its use of fabrics about which designer Francesco Risso says: “I would love for people to really be able to touch the pieces, or the pieces to touch people — to slap people, let’s say,”

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Marni 'Sleek Natural Nappa Jacket' – Truffle  Marni 'Sleek Natural Nappa Jacket' – Truffle  Marni 'Fancy Sock Heels' – Black / White  Marni 'Fancy Sock Heels' – Black / White  Marni 'Compact Suede Trousers' – Pyramid  Marni 'Compact Suede Trousers' – Pyramid  Marni 'Trompe L'oeil Slider' – Black  Marni 'Trompe L'oeil Slider' – Black  Marni 'Tropical Wool Jacket' – BluBlack  Marni 'Tropical Wool Jacket' – BluBlack  Marni 'Compact Suede Shirt' – Pyramid  Marni 'Compact Suede Shirt' – Pyramid  Marni 'Tropical Wool Trousers' – BluBlack  Marni 'Tropical Wool Trousers' – BluBlack  Marni at Concrete Store  Marni 'Donna Logo Sweatshirt' – Blue Kyanite  Marni 'Camicia Poplin Shirt' – Iris Blue

Shop: Marni

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