Manchester SpiritREPRESENT Sizzles Alpha Sneakers And Standards

What it is right ... REPRESENT has been around at Concrete for a while. Based in Manchester and run by two brothers, the brand offers a bi-annual run of high quality standards with fine finishings. As the brothers design and produce their garments to their own personal taste the collections contain a sound Manchester look and spirit. We're chuffed to have them aboard again for the coming cold season.

New items in-store, online soon

 REPRESENT 'Alpha Low' – Black  REPRESENT 'Alpha Low' – Black  REPRESENT 'Hooded Puffer Jacket' – Black  REPRESENT 'Hooded Puffer Jacket' – Black  REPRESENT 'As Good As Dead Vintage T-Shirt' – Vintage Grey  REPRESENT 'The Spirit Untamed Hoodie' – Vintage Black  REPRESENT 'Alpha Low' – Vintage White  REPRESENT 'Alpha Low' – Vintage White  REPRESENT 'Blank Zip Hoodie' – Jet Black  REPRESENT 'Blank Zip Hoodie' – Grey Melange  REPRESENT 'The Spirit Untamed T-Shirt' – Vintage Black  REPRESENT 'Blank Sweater' – Vintage White  REPRESENT 'Blank Sweatpants' – Jet Black  REPRESENT 'Thoroughbred Hoodie' – Vintage Black 

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