M.A.H.A. World CorpsMaharishi A/W 2020

Maharishi has been a part of all Concrete collections throughout our 20+ years of existence. The A/W 2020 pieces are dripping in and once again deliver environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality, utilitarian clothing. The new collection explores the customization and decoration of military uniform following the forced conscription of tribal and indigenous peoples. The garments look to experiment with the ways in which military uniforms – designed to avoid any individualism – are customized and humanized by indigenous peoples, representing the ongoing thematic dualities and core maharishi values of Military/Pacifist, East/West, and Nature/Technology.

Maharishi A/W 2020 'M.A.H.A. World Corps'

Signature artworks reinterpret Vietnamese Hmong Story Cloths, illustrating Hill Tribes communing with AWOL soldiers. Military patches feature heavily within the collection, with classic tour-style patches reworked in organic cotton. Seasonal colours draw from Middle-Eastern tribal communities; the deep-red ‘Carmine’ is derived from a pigment produced from insects. Other colours include Coyote Tan – a medium brown repurposed from U.S. Marine fieldwear, reinforcing maharishi’s pacifist military design.

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AW20 sees the introduction of DPM: Mamushi – a two colour disruptive pattern inspired by the camouflage commonly worn by South Korean high school students who were receiving military training during the 1970s – 1990s. Taking its name from the venomous viper found in Korea and other areas of East Asia, DPM: Mamushi reinterprets the season’s palette across Woodland, Night, Carmine and Mono colourways – the latter serving as a minimalist variant that stays true to the original Korean camouflage. Full of detail:

Maharishi 'Souvenir Organic T-Shirt'  Maharishi 'Air Knit Polartec Trackpants'  Maharishi 'Camo Pashmina Wool Scarf'  Maharishi 'Vegetable Dyed Cargo Trackpants'  Maharishi 'Dragon Journey L/S T-Shirt'  Maharishi 'Vegetable Deyed Asymetric Trackpants'  Maharishi 'Upscyled Triquilted Cargo Pants'  Maharishi 'Hill Tribe MA Jacket'  Maharishi 'Air Knit Polartec Trackpants'  Maharishi 'Meditation Cushion Cover + Liner'  Maharishi 'Air Knit Polartec Reversible Kimono'  Maharishi 'Organic Loose Judo Trackpants'  Maharishi 'Hill Tribe MA Jacket'  Maharishi 'Teck Pocket L/S T-Shirt'  Maharishi 'Camo Pashmina Wool Scarf'  Maharishi 'Dragon Journey L/S T-Shirt'  Maharishi 'Upscyled Triquilted Cargo Pants'  Maharishi 'Souvenir Organic T-Shirt'