Dream Dream DreamKidSuper Gets Real

Brooklyn based KidSuper is back at Concrete Store for Spring/Summer 2022 with a collection which revolves around having and realizing dreams. For its promotion Colm Dillane set up a booth in New York’s Washington Square Park and asked passers-by to tell him what the one thing is that they want to do before dying. A selection of wishes, ranging from sky-diving to a little bit of luck, were granted while styled out in looks from the new collection.

The collection is a successful attempt of pushing real personality into clothing. It is heavily built around paintings of people's submitted photographs via Instagram, which were subsequently converted into collages, patterns and embroidery for big city bohemian looks. Suits, knits, casuals, footwear and accessories, all dreamy yet daringly real.

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KidSuper 'Jumped The Moon Trousers'  KidSuper 'Denim Kissing Jacket' and 'People Trousers'  KidSuper 'Jump-Rope Silk Bandana' and 'Kids Button Up Shirt'  KidSuper 'Kids Button Up Shirt'  KidSuper 'Tassle Loafers'  KidSuper 'Faces Button Up Shirt' and 'Face Pleated Trousers'  KidSuper 'Jumped The Moon Suit Jacket'  KidSuper 'Face Knit Sweater Vest' and 'Super Top Hat'  KidSuper 'Two Face Bell Button Trousers' and 'Martini Knit Polo'   KidSuper 'Jump-Rope Silk Bandana'  KidSuper 'Check Bucket Hat'   KidSuper 'Patchwork Jacket', 'Trousers', 'Holster' and 'Knit Hat'

Shop: KidSuper

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