Getting Out – White Mountaineering S/S 2020

Yosuke Aizawa, the designer of Tokyo-based White Mountaineering introduces its new S/S 2020 collection in which he explores a world of dressing up in order to conquer rugged terrains. The collection goes beyond  athletic attire or streetwear. Heavy with Buckles, zips, hooks, pockets, waterproof fabrics, hoods, everything you would need to brace the elements, yet excitingly fresh and effortless. Classical shirting adapted with technical straps and styled with high tech kilts and free runner sandals. Aizawa's collection holds both sophisticated dark hues as bell as bold botanical prints. If you plan to leave your house any time soon, dress up and kick it up a couple altitude levels. 

White Mountaineering 'Shirring Hooded Coat'  White Mountaineering 'Striped Broad Taped Shirt'

White Mountaineering 'Stripe Taped Wide Pants'  White Mountaineering 'Vest Shirt'


White Mountaineering