Silver, Furry, Gold And AdornedMedicom Be@rbrick Galore

Bear and rabbit are taking a shit in the woods. Bear turns to rabbit and says: "Excuse me, do you have problems with shit sticking to your fur?" Rabbit says: "No". Bear wipes his ass with rabbit.

It is occasionally appropriate to retell old Eddie Murphy jokes. Of course Medicom Toys are not a joke for the serious collector. Even when they come in full on furry mode. Concrete Store's Dirk has been collecting them for decades and is willing to sell his poor health in order to buy more storage space to accommodate another couple of Be@rbrick figures.

Concrete Store is regularly re-stocked to the ceiling with new collectables. Have a look at our latest Dirk-approved items.

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 Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Jean Michel Basquat' – 400% & 100% Set  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Cookie Monster' – 400%   Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Keith Haring' – 400% & 100% Set  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Karimoku' – 400%  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Pushead' – 400% & 100% Set  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick The Shining Movie Poster' – 400% & 100% Set  Medicom Toy 'Noodle Be@rtee' – White  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Set' – Mazinger Z 400% & Kouji Kabuto 100%  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Built-in Amp Guitar' – full Set  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Lewis Leathers' – 400% & 100% Set  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick x Lewis Leathers Tee' – Black  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Guitar Picks' – Black  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick x Van Gogh Museum' – 400% & 100% Set  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Guitar Strap' – Black  Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Royal Selangor Gold' – 400%   Medicom Toy 'Be@rbrick Lewis Leathers Pin' – Black

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