Figuring out 2020Akomplice

Welcome to the future. 2020 has altered humanity's way of life and we are only halfway through the year. lt's becoming more and more apparent that right now, more than ever, it is so important for each one of us to be clear about what we stand for and what we support, as our actions will echo into the future. With that being said, Akomplice has worked very diligently to make our work clear and meaningful. Themes of the collection are equality, unity, peace, love, earth rights and climate action.

These themes flow through to our production methods, as we use organic cotton, make products entirely in the USA, practice close-proximity production, which cuts down on our carbon footprint, employ initiatives to make our products carbon-neutral, and ensure all of our partners pay their workers a living wage. We do all of this for the love of the experience that is life.

It might be time to start connecting with the things that truly matter to us, focusing less on the noise and distraction. We at Concrete feel connected to Akomplice, a long running brand with a heart for the world and its people.

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