Fearless Futurism NowAdidas Y-3 At Concrete Store

After nearly 20 years Yohji Yamamoto's Adidas Y-3 is still a force to be reckoned with. Although we have grown accustomed to it's fearless futurism we continue to be splish splashed around in waves of amazement. After all these years it is clear that Yamamoto is not just fucking our heads with science fiction, this is the now, it is in reach and pretty exciting. Check out some of our new summer offerings, much more in-store!

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 Adidas Y-3 'W CH1 Mesh Tank' HG6114 – Black  Adidas Y-3 'W Classic Light Shell Pants' HH8896 – Green  Adidas Y-3 'W CH1 Striped Coat' HG6111 – Black  Adidas Y-3 'Sheer Knit Cardigan' H61923 – Black  Adidas Y-3 'M CH1 T-Shirt LL' HG6093 – Black  Adidas Y-3 'W Classic Tech Silk Wide Leg Pants' HG6161 – Semi Flash Lime  Adidas Y-3 'Ultraboost 22' GX1079 – Black / Core White  Adidas Y-3 'M CH2 Crepe T-Shirt' HG6108 – Almost Lime  Adidas Y-3 'W CH1 Long Skirt' HG8550 – Black  Adidas Y-3 'W Classic Refined Wool Stretch Skirt' HB6331 – Black  Adidas Y-3 'Kaiwa' GX1053 – Black / Cream White  Adidas Y-3 'W CH1 Jumpsuit' HG6120 – Black  Adidas Y-3 'W Classic Refined Wool Stretch Pants' HB6330 – Black  Adidas Y-3 'W Classic Seamless Cropped Top' HB6325 – Victory Blue  Adidas Y-3 'Shiku Run' GW8652 – Black / Core White  Adidas Y-3 'W Classic Knit Tights' HB6321 – Noble Red  Adidas Y-3 'M CH1 T-Shirt' HG6089 – Black  Adidas Y-3 'M Classic Cuffed Cargo Pants' HG8604 – Black  Adidas Y-3 'Terrex Swift R3 GTX' GZ9166 – Clear Brown / Bold Orange

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