Eye Popping PersonalityShuting Qiu Is Here!

Shuting Qiu has newly arrived at Concrete Store, and we are very excited. The  RAFA Antwerp graduate's work is extremely recognizable, fearless and definitely not for those trying to blend in. Asymmetrical experimental silhouettes are struck with vivid colors, textured fabrics, delicate embroidery and patterns. The Chinese designer's latest spring/summer 2022 collection ventures deeper into sustainability using materials constructed from recyclable plastics and deadstock fabrics. Every print pattern has been hand drawn or painted and will splash, clash and draw the eyes right out your sockets.

Shop: Shuting Qiu
(in-store now, online soon)

 Shuting Qiu 'Tassel Jacket' – Blue Stripe / Navy  Shuting Qiu 'Bodysuit' – Pink / Black Floral Print  Shuting Qiu 'Jacquard Shorts' – Green Floral  Shuting Qiu 'Tassel Jacket' – Brown Stripe / Floral  Shuting Qiu 'Leggings' – Blue Floral  Shuting Qiu 'Tassel Jacket' – Green Stripe / Floral  Shuting Qiu 'Bodysuit' – Multi / Floral  Shuting Qiu 'High Neck Top' – Blue Floral

Shuting Qiu

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