New LifeDuran Lantink For Concrete

We've teamed up with Duran Lantink for a capsule collection that's based off some of our favourite brands. The designer / artist rose to fame quickly with his unique look on fashion and durability, with his solo exhibition earlier this year, in the Central Museum Utrecht, he solidified his position as one of the biggest talents in contemporary Fashion.

Duran uses remains from the fashion industry and creates wonderful creations with what others consider garbage or overstock. His eclectic compositions gives new life to old luxury pieces and creates one-offs that attract opposites and give new meaning to the reconstruction.

Duran Lantink for Concrete 'The Beatles S/S Camo Shirt 1' and 'Bleach Trousers 1' (Left), 'The Beatles S/S Camo Shirt 2' and 'Bleach Trousers 2' (Right). Photo by Jan Hoek

Duran Lantink for Concrete 'Tie-Die Crew' and 'Trousers 2'. Photo by Jan Hoek

Duran Lantink 'T-Shirt' and 'Trousers 1' (Left), 'Tie-Die Hoodie' (Right). Photo by Jan Hoek

Duran Lantink for Concrete 'Broken Heart Sweater 1'Duran Lantink for Concrete 'Camo Jacket'Duran Lantink for Concrete 'Tie-Die Hoodie Light'


Duran Lantink for Concrete