Los Angeles designer Rick Owens launched his fashion line in 1994, operating out of a store in Hollywood Boulevard. He moved to Paris in 2003 with is partner Michèle Lamy. Since then they have established their own fashion company Owenscorp and present new collections at run way shows in Paris.

Rick Owens collections are known for their avant-garde glam rockness. Asymmetrical shapes, slits, zips, strong footwear, distressed denim, big sunglasses, semi sheer tops and sculptural leather jackets. DRKSHDW is Rick Owen's pret-a-porter line with a great collection of seasonal wear and permanent pieces, such as the Sneaks zip-sneaker.

Rick Owens DRSHDW 'Sneak'  Rick Owens DRSHDW 'Sneak'  Rick Owens DRSHDW 'Bauhaus Sneaks'  Rick Owens DRSHDW 'Bauhaus Sneaks'  Rick Owens DRSHDW 'Zip Front Sneaker'  Rick Owens DRSHDW 'Zip Front Sneaker'

Rick Owens DRKSDW 'Tyrone Cut Pants'  Rick Owens DRKSDW 'Drawstring Pod Shorts'  Rick Owens DRKSDW 'Padded Cargo Coat'  Rick Owens DRKSDW 'Jet Pants'  Rick Owens DRKSDW 'Bella Jacket'



DRKSHDW by Rick Owens


Rick Owens