Dandy ExpressionsViktor&Rolf Do Not Mind A Puff

While updating our Amsterdam store we found it relevant to add more local brands to the mix. Starting this summer we add a bit of Viktor&Rolf to the hangers. Best known for their fantastic and provocative haute couture runway shows, the fashion artist duo have created a collection based on their own personal humor and style. Mister Mister, as it is dubbed, is a playful take on formal-wear and contemporary dandiness. It mixes sharp tailoring with feel good casual wear, featuring quality basics as well as louder items rich in texture, patchworks and prints.

“The collection embraces the modern dandy as a form of self-expression. It pays homage to an underlying sense of humor and irony through quirky conversational prints inspired by dandy narratives.”

– Viktor on Mister Mister

The Spring / Summer collection is a colorful one and features several handsome pieces with an ironic nod to Amsterdam's tourist driven coffeeshop culture and paraphernalia shopping. With the current low tide of foreign visitors it has now become a local responsibility to keep the torch blazing and bring green leaf graphics to the streets.

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 Viktor&Rolf 'Bermuda Shorts' – Grey  Viktor&Rolf 'Hole Punch Coat' – Grey  Viktor&Rolf 'Cigarette Jersey T-Shirt' – Navy  Viktor&Rolf 'Knit Polo' – Orange  Viktor&Rolf 'Soft Trousers' – Navy  Viktor&Rolf 'Dandy Mode T-Shirt' – Navy  Viktor&Rolf 'Dandy Sweatpants' – Navy  Viktor&Rolf 'Bowling Shirt' – Navy  Viktor&Rolf 'Bermuda Shorts' – Grey  Viktor&Rolf 'Dandy Sweatpants' – Navy  Viktor&Rolf 'Hole Punch Coat' – Grey  Viktor&Rolf 'Cigarette Jersey T-Shirt' – Navy


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