Character ChairsWalter van Beirendonck Faces Maarten Baas

Walter Van Beirendock and Maarten Baas have teamed up to create a limited edition collection of CHARACTER CHAIRS for Dutch furniture company Lensvelt. The family of 120 unique chairs came to life by focusing on the two screws in the backrest of Maarten Baas' 101 Chair. The result is fantastic. It is amazing how satisfying it is to look into the eyes of a friendly being, regardless of its emotion. And to sit on its lap.

In our previously published interview Walter van Beirendonck stated: "Diversity is an important theme right now. The fact that you are good the way you are. There are white chairs and black chairs and everything in between. Young, old. Cheerful, angry. We need to celebrate these differences, not hide them. On the armrests are words like Love and Hold. We need that, especially now."

Concrete Store took part in the official CHARACTER CHAIRS launch and has a bunch of chairs for sale in-store. Contact us for details if you are unable to swing on over.

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