Chaos From The Comforts Of HomeAlchemist x Kosuke Kawamura

Miami-based fashion label Alchemist takes its new AW 2020 collection into the realm of vintage punk composure and aesthetics and appropriately named it "Chaos". For this new adventure creative Director Roma Cohen collaborated with Japanese artist Kosuke Kawamura, known for his cynical pop collages, to give the colection's atmosphere more edge and depth. Besides distressed fabrics, loud texts and graphic depictions of all parts of the human skeleton, the collection is rich with traditional Japanese textiles and motifs, such as koi fish, dragon and tiger-printed fabrics. Not to be stingy, only prime Italian cottons are used and all garments are made in the USA. To make chaos a bit more comfortable.

Stand out pieces mix distressed large check jersey with paisley patches, zesty zips and colorful fuck-it-all fringes. Great for both contemporary wasted youths as those slightly older who, in retrospect, have misspent too many of their days being socially agreeable. It's never too late to join the brotherhood of individualism.


Alchemist 'I Wanna Be Sedated Joggers'  Alchemist 'I Wanna Be Sedated Joggers'  Alchemist 'Wasted Youth T-Shirt'  Alchemist 'Wasted Youth T-Shirt'  Alchemist 'Avery Jeans'  Alchemist 'Avery Jeans'  Alchemist 'Babylon Burning Hoodie'  Alchemist 'Babylon Burning Hoodie'  Alchemist 'Rise Above T-Shirt'  Alchemist 'Rise Above T-Shirt'  Alchemist 'Party In Paris Hoodie'  Alchemist 'Party In Paris Hoodie'  Alchemist 'Love In A Void T-Shirt'  Alchemist 'Love In A Void T-Shirt'