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Concrete Store happily announces Bram's Fruit, a brand run by self-taught designer Bram from the south of The Netherlands. With a dedicated team, Bram creates designs from a small orchard in the back of his garden. Closely following the seasons' movements, Bram’s Fruit offers garments that express the multitude of positive emotions nature gives us. Spring / Summer 2023 turns the designer's childhood memories into a sophisticated collection of smart silhouettes crafted from quality materials. Harvest time!

Brams Fruit 'Jute Jacket' - Beige  Brams Fruit 'Jute Jacket' - Beige  Brams Fruit 'Striped Sweater' - Green  Brams Fruit 'Striped Sweater' - Green  Brams Fruit 'Beagle T-Shirt' - White  Brams Fruit 'Diamond Jacket' – Brown  Brams Fruit 'Diamond Jacket' – Brown  Brams Fruit 'Core Twill Shorts' - Light Beige  Brams Fruit 'Core Twill Shorts' - Light Beige  Brams Fruit 'Linen Overshirt Jacket' - Gull Grey  Brams Fruit 'Linen Overshirt Jacket' - Gull Grey  Brams Fruit 'Gardening T-Shirt' - Beige  Brams Fruit 'Gardening T-Shirt' - Beige  Brams Fruit 'Harvest Crewneck' - Grey

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