AsymmetricLC23 Adds Funshine To Spring/Summer 2021

Ducks, neon colors, paisley, crazy zipped pockets and plenty of asymmetry. Puglia's LC23 does whatever is takes to break fashion's sobriety, allowing a crack of funlight to hit the biannual yields of weariness. Not all of us are born laid for symmetry and repetitiveness of emptiness. To quote subject-matter expert Dirty Sanchez on the topic:

If your brand of fashion / Is lacking in passion / What you could achieve by removing one sleeve / The same goes for hair / So sit down in the chair / Let one of your eyes hide / And cut only one side / Nature is boring / It has to be battled / Cages for storing us have to be rattled / Delete all the 2's from the language you use / And join our new movement for social improvement / Asymmetric / Asymmetric / Asymmetric / Asymmetric /...

LC23 S/S 2021  LC23 S/S 2021  LC23 S/S 2021

All LC23 garments are entirely produced in Italy, particularly in its sunny home region of Puglia. Add a splash of funshine to your rack. Have a look at our first drops ...

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 LC23 'Paisley Nylon Jacket' – Blue  LC23 'Multitasca Sweatshirt' – Blue  LC23 'Duck T-Shirt' – White  LC23 '2 Color Gessato Blazer' – Grey  LC23 'Cotton/Nylon Cardigan – Neon Green  LC23 'Gorilla Sweatshirt' – Black  LC23 '2 Color Gessato Trousers' – Grey  LC23 'Multitasca Sweatshirt' – Army  LC23 'Lama T-shirt' – Navy

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