New Harvestasparagus_ S/S 2020

Korean fashion brand asparagus_ is a young Korean fashion brand has been  active since 2018 and is making a name for itself for its fresh aesthetic. Or as their own pr text states: "Asparagus, an avant-garde way through uncertainty of vintage and contemporary, femininity and masculinity, technical details and artistic movements. The word 'asparagus' pronounced, it describes our identity through the uncertainty felt from the nuance.

No matter how you put it, Concrete is proud to be one of the very few retailers worldwide to stock the latest asparagus_ S/S 2020 collction, named "Invisibility Focused". Hoodies, shorts, jackets and sweaters. In great materials and cuts, with strong details. Be quick, these are limited.

Asparagus 'Inside Out T-Shirt Neon'
Asparagus 'Inside Out Baggy Sweatpants'
Asparagus 'Inside Out Foil Shorts' and 'Oversized Coach Jacket'
Asparagus 'Double Layered Hoodie T-Shirt' and 'Inside Out Baggy Sweatpants'