4SDESIGNS | Compassing Fabric, Fit, Functionality and Feeling

4SDesigns was conceived in the fall of 2019 by Angelo Urrutia, a New Yorker born in El Salvador. With the Malus Magnum in the foreground, the label is built on the idea of a gesture, in fabric, fit, functionality and feeling. Angelo sees its label not as a luxury brand, but one living in the state of comfort, richness and consideration.

Concrete Store is happy to have the first drops of 4SDesigns Spring / Summer 2023 on the racks. A collection rich in its materiality and construction with a great deal of surface sexiness. A joy to eye and touch.

Shop: 4SDesigns

 4SDesigns 'Wide Camp Shirt' – Pink Patchwork  4SDesigns 'Work Shirt' – Royal  4SDesigns 'Shirt Blazer' – Black Camelia  4SDesigns 'FB Pleat Pant' – Black  4SDesigns 'FB Pleat Pant' – Black  4SDesigns 'Gusset Pocket Fatigue Short' and 'Woven Polo' – Olive  4SDesigns 'Woven Polo' – Olive  4SDesigns 'Gusset Pocket Fatigue Short' – Olive  4SDesigns 'FB Pleat Pant' – Royal  4SDesigns 'FB Pleat Pant' – Black  4SDesigns 'X Bomber' – Black  4SDesigns 'X Bomber' – Black  4SDesigns 'Wide Camp Shirt' – Black Organza  4SDesigns 'PL Bar Blazer' – Black  4SDesigns 'Inverted Pleat Pant' – Black

Shop: 4SDesigns

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